Sunday, December 13, 2009


What a wonderful word, for the most part!

During this Christmas season, while many festivities are planned, some for weeks even,
"spontaneity" still works!

On the spur of the moment we met dear friends at a movie, then a restaurant and then
we went next door to a Starbucks, making for a late but perfectly delightful afternoon and evening. As we visited, sipping our coffees, I thought to myself...this is exactly how this beautiful season of Christmas should be celebrated...being with dear friends and family...those you love...
just enjoying their company..."good conversation" as our friend, Brian would say!

Another special event was a neighborhood get-together and it was so much seeing neighbors you rarely see, fun meeting new neighbors and then a dinner with more dear friends.

What a perfectly delightful weekend!

We're enjoying the Merriest of Christmases! It isn't about the's about the people...about the love of friends and that God gave to us in Jesus and how that love spills over onto all we open our hearts to and those hearts receiving this priceless gift!

Merry Christmas!

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