Thursday, December 3, 2009


The holidays are full of traditions. Traditions handed down to us...traditions we've started.

Putting up the Christmas tree or lighting it on Thanksgiving is a tradition we've had for many years.
As a little girl, many years after our Thanksgiving dinner, we would go to the Carousel Parade.
Then later that evening our parents would take us back uptown to see all the lights!
How we enjoyed the magical windows of Belk's, Ivey's, and the rest. How we loved driving under the lights suspended over the streets of Charlotte!

Another tradition is the Advent wreath. Ours is in the middle of our dining area table, surrounded by greenery. I no longer use the traditional colors but have chosen white candles
instead. To us they represent the purity and holiness of Christ.

Driving around several times a week to look at the lights is another tradition Mike and I began.
We're like little children! We travel our favorite neighborhoods and see who has decorated. We've done this so long that we know how most of the houses were decorated the year before!

One of our favorites "hosts" Rivendell or so we have named it! A small cascading waterfall and architectural lights scattered about makes for a magical scene no matter the time of the year.
We especially enjoy it at Christmas! We turn down our Christmas music, roll the windows down and just listen to the waterfall. Heavenly...quite heavenly.

We've others but they are for another day!

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