Monday, October 5, 2009

A blogging day!

Okay...I can tell this may turn into a blogging day of random thoughts, maybe even some rambling ones!

After my last blog...feeling a tad bit "down", I took my coffee to the porch and sat in the rocker.
Looking out, through the rain, I began to see more of Fall's colors emerging and against the cloudy, wonderfully rainy background, it was a sight to behold!
Was just the thing to perk me up and get me going! Lesson learned- there's beauty all around
if we would truly "open" our eyes!

Random thought #2:

Monday isn't one of my usual laundry days but I JUST HAD to wash today!
You see, we got a new washer and dryer Saturday!
They're lean, mean, green machines! Front loading LGs and I'm loving them!
After almost 20 years of great service, our old pair was dying and we knew we had to do something.

Now, here is where I put in a "plug" for Home Depot- my favorite hardware, etc. store.
The last three appliances we've gotten have come from Home Depot because they had the best prices on what we wanted. They also will match anyone else's price if you have the ad and with the washer/dryer, we had already bought it at their low price only to discover on Friday that Sears came out with it a bit cheaper. We took the ad to the store and not only did they match the price but then gave us an additional 10% off each one! Now that's taking care of the customer!

Okay, commercial over...
back to random thoughts on laundry...

I'm really enjoying doing laundry. My washer plays music when you turn it on and it plays a longer tune when the wash is finished! Just makes me smile!!!! Oh, simple things give me so much pleasure.....ummmm

Love the smell of clean clothes!

Which took me back to my days as a child...we only had a washer for many years and my mother hung clothes on the clothesline...what a wonderful smell!

Didn't like it so much when I was the one that had to hang them out, though...and take them in.

After Mike and I got married we bought a washer/dryer from Sears and that was nice.
I decided that I wanted a clothesline too so Mike fixed me one.
I didn't think too much about it until I went to hang out clothes...was just in the mood to do it.
Well, I went to hang the first piece and discovered I couldn't even reach the line! Mike had fixed it so he could reach it. I managed to stretch and stretch, standing on my toes and finally got them hung but I never did use it too much after that!
Yeah for dryers!

Okay, after doing two loads of laundry,(sheets-I tend to put off those until I have no more clean ones), I'm done with laundry for today! more random thoughts for now!

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