Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Oh what a night!"


We took April and the 4 oldest Grands out to dinner and I rode in the back of their van with
Makenna and Camden and there was NEVER a lull in conversation...AND it continued in the
restaurant...AND was highlighted with magic tricks and Elliott singing in my ear!

Oh me! I told Mike I was worn out! Coming home three were singing and one was talking...ALL AT the SAME TIME! Whew!

We left them to their movie and candy corn and Papa and I went in search of ICE CREAM
at Baskin/Robbins, only they didn't have my German Chocolate available yet! :(
Ice cream and a bit of quiet...ahhhh...was lovely, just lovely!

Christian has become quite the magician and really "gets" me most of the time!
He always has a new trick to show us each time we're together.

It was a wonderfully loud but enjoyable "Grand" evening!

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April said...

Thank you both for taking us out!!! I know they can be loud at times, but they all really enjoyed it, and were sad ya'll didn't stay and watch the movie with us!