Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 2 of October Autumn Delights!

After having breakfast and prayer time on the porch, I dressed and ran a few errands.

I traveled down one of my favorite roads, listening to classical music on my favorite station-
89.9 WDAV and was immediately "surrounded" by Autumn delights! I rolled down my windows
to allow the coolness of the morning to engulf me as I took in sights of golden rod, open fields of grains and grasses and hundreds of trees of all shapes, sizes, varieties-most just beginning to adorn themselves with their new Fall wardrobe. And for a moment time seemed to stand still...
and there arose such a holiness... God's "magic" unfolding right before my eyes.

How can one really describe all the feelings evoked by such majesty... words cannot do it justice.
I was overwhelmed and lost in the beauty of the moment...selah...selah...selah...

In that moment all the holiness, all the beauty entered my very soul and now I will carry it about...within me... throughout my day...even into the night...

All praise and glory to the Lord of the Harvest...the God of all creation...the One Who made each season for us...just to enjoy!

As we delight in His creation, He delights in us! How beautiful!

To you, my Father God, I am forever grateful!

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