Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"A Rainy Day Adventure"

It was a dark and chilly morning...rain falling from the sky.

Just the day for an adventure with four Grands, a Mom and I!

They came...we played...watched Mickey Mouse and then
we ate our lunch.

Cleaned up the toys, took potty breaks and climbed into the van
And headed onto 485 and the homes of the "GREAT GRANDS"-parents that is!

First we saw Grandmama and Granddaddy, parents of the Papa.
We talked a bit while children four entertained and actively played.
They kept us hopping to and fro, we were having a hard time containing...
so the Granddaddy took his stance and away they went a -browsing.

Our visit there, it ended and back to the van we strolled, three lovely colored umbrellas...
all in a row!
I grabbed the 'brellas, helped grands into the car and handed Emma's back ,
and then to my surprise, she shook her's there in front of me, spraying water in my eyes!
I laughed so hard and stood there getting wetter by the minute.
Finally we all climbed in...whew! We did it!

On to Granggie's Mom and Dad, Mammaw and Pappaw. We entered in a hugging and a kissing
on the cheek, found puzzles, blocks and books galore spilling them at our feet!
We played, we laughed and enjoyed Pappaw's "toys". We found some snacks and played when our"grand" cousins came and added to our joy!

What fun we had with Aunt Denise, she's always entertaining!

But soon our visit ended...
more potty breaks and picking up and to the van we went and headed back across
the town with countless trucks and cars and such but around that time, on that great road
one does expect that much!

We made one stop to get a shirt for the littlest grand you see and then one more for Granggie
who had to have her Wendy's chili!

They dropped me off, the Mom and Grands on the way to get their Dad, thus ending one of the best rainy day adventures that we have ever had!