Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Message"

Today I picked up The Message Bible and began reading Eugene Peterson's introduction of this "Work" of ten years.
He talks of just reading the Bible to begin with...and when we read it, "we enter a new world of words and find ourselves in on a conversation in which God has the first and last words...that we are included in on the conversation."

Peterson was a professor, a teacher of Hebrew and Greek in a seminary. In this work he has tried to be true to the scriptures but writing as we would speak today.
He says that The Message isn't meant to take the place of study Bibles "but first, it is important simply to read, leisurely and thoughtfully". The time for studying will come later.

If you've never read the Bible or rarely read it, I would encourage you to begin here....
Get a copy of the Message Bible. There is now one that is a numbered edition. This is the one I would suggest.

I'm going to begin today...thoughtly reading...
I will begin in the New Testament and read through, taking my time and I would love for anyone who reads my blog to "join" me.
Please let me know if you will through your comment or just e-mail me!

It's something we can do together!

I do believe it will be life-changing for us all!

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