Monday, October 26, 2009

Me...sort of!

This is me at 57 years "young" even though the me "inside" is much younger!

A college professor once told me I would never grow up, then smiling,
he said that I would always be young at heart.

Well, he was right! But that didn't keep me from struggling with my appearance...extra weight, in the wrong places...age spots...yikes!

Posting this picture of me is a step in my "healing". I've struggled way too much after looking
in mirrors...even thought about giving them up but how do you put on makeup without one?

I've never been a beauty, cute at one time maybe, but I am learning that the me inside-the real me is beautiful and becoming more beautiful every day as I become more like Christ.

It isn't about how I look as much as it's about how I live.

I want to reflect Him in the words I speak, the tone of my voice, my actions...

A smile, a kind word or gesture, listening patiently and attentively, giving your time, yourself
for someone else...this is true beauty.

So here I am...a bit more comfortable in the "skin" I'm in, deciding to enjoy this journey,
concentrating on the inside and not the "out"!

1 comment:

Mike said...

You've always been a beauty, inside and out. The first time I saw you, everything else went black and white and you trapped all the color.