Monday, August 17, 2009

A "revealing" weekend!

I welcome correction...well actually I welcome correction from the Lord but it doesn't make me feel good! (All other is not quite so welcomed...working on that too)
Well, it does make me feel good to know that He loves me too much to let me remain
as I am.

That's the kind of weekend I had. It really WAS a good weekend...Mike came home on Wednesday night rather than Thursday; He had a good Dr.'s visit...had "beautiful"
blood pressure-a first for him and inspite of the stressful project he's on...prayer works and the Word makes medicine work even better!...on Saturday the girls and I, along with Kellan, went to a lovely bridal shower luncheon...Saturday evening found a great Cajun restaurant with Mike...
The Cajun Yard Dog...wonderful shrimp creole...YUM!(at the Arboretum)

Then the Lord spoke to me through His Word, Message Bible that I am reading for fun!
"You start, you need humility and discipline". YIKES! OUCH! Sure didn't see that one coming...but He's right....ummmmm....

And then Sunday afternoon....BAM! My Mom had given me a sweet little rocker, have had it for almost two years...had painted it a beautiful olive green and was using it on our porch and she called to say she wanted it back. I was not happy about it but I was not rude to my mom. BUT after I got off the phone, I was angry..really angry and kept rehearsing my "mistreatment"!

Well, my anger turned into a bad mood...yes I was praying or trying to...then I got Mike in a bad mood...then I was mad at myself for acting the way I was acting...
"out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"---SLAMMED!
All that junk...right there in me! Boy did I feel rotten, am sure I was beginning to "smell" a bit rotten to the Lord too...

Confessed my faults and let all the junk go and came out a much sweeter fragrance to the Lord! Took me several hours to get there but I did!

A bit wiser...a bit more more mature...I'm now on the "alert" so I can behave more Christ-like in this new week.

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