Monday, August 10, 2009

Day's ending

How I love "looking" back over the day's activities and reviewing my accomplishments!

Makes me feel so good... ahhhhhh....

Of course there are days when I seem to run in circles, accomplishing very little.

Our Pastor has been teaching on leadership for several weeks now and one of the aspects was on "Vision". "Write the vision...make it plain" Habakkuk 2:2
The second part of that tells us "so the reader can run with it."

His teaching has encouraged me to "write" the goals, daily and for seasons in my life. It gives me something to aim for...lest I aim at nothing
for that is what I will get... nothing.

I'm preparing a binder with dividers for my personal goals, spiritual goals,
household goals, etc. I am also writing my goals for the day and checking them off as I do them! How I love CHECKING them off!

Okay...truthfully...some I don't get to and most of the time it's because I didn't want to do it- not because I ran out of time! It is something I am working on.

Like I put down "exercise" but my flesh keeps me busy with other things and then it's too late. I definitely need to work on this one!

I still have time to make that happen today and since I shared all this, I do believe my blog is going to hold me accountable!

Wow! Can a blog really do that?

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mwoods2 said...

Okay, how about helping me and challenging me to write "the vision"? We should help each other. Who is better suited to help each other?