Friday, August 21, 2009

Treasure Day!

Yesterday our Pastors, some Moms, Grandmothers, children and Teens- a total of 16 of us
hosted a "craft/ice cream sundae" party for over 30 Treasures at Weddington Park
Assisted Living.
It was a blast!

The residents made Fall door hangers;some jumped in there, gluing, sticking, creating
and a few others had to be coerced, telling us that they weren't crafty! Oh but they were and then were so proud of their creations!

Then came the ICE CREAM SUNDAES! YUMMY! We had toppings galore- fresh peaches with blueberries, fresh strawberries, sprinkles, syrups, whipped cream and cherries.
Some only wanted a bit of chocolate syrup, others wanted the works and some just said
"surprise me"!

There were hugs and laughter, "good conversation" (for you Brian!), walkers and wheelchairs, smiles and frowns when some wanted to eat too much and we had to say,
very politely "no more".

Some came early and some came late....even when all was put away but our ladies just
jumped in there pulling it all out again...such gracious servers!

We came away "richer" and incredibly blessed with full hearts and warm memories AND
new found friends!
What priceless treasure!

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