Monday, August 16, 2010

Early Morning Surprise!

Was having my early morning coffee, talking to the Lord and three deer ran into the backyard.
(Last evening four doe came and one was trying to eat from the birdfeeders. I talked to them and finally had to run them off.)
One of the deer headed toward the feeders and I stood up where they could see me and told them "No, birdfeeders". All three turned to look at me and then I realized one was a buck!
We haven't seen a buck in our backyard in years! (Our last buck, a big guy, came for weeks and ate apples from our apple tree several times a week. He wasn't afraid of us and we could watch him from our deck as he moved from limb to limb, pulling them down to reach the apples.)
Our morning visitors ran off into the woods. But they will be back, I'm sure. Hopefully I can get a picture of them for my blog.
Time to get some deer corn! hunters allowed! :)
PSS...have to say this for I have a brother-in-law who has threatened to come hunt in our backyard. I know he's really joking and likes to tease me about "my deer"!

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Don & Carol Kingsmore said...

We have deer, turkeys, and any kind of animal,bird etc all over our property! I looked outside the window one day and there was a HUGE deer standing about 3 feet from the window at then it headed into the trees. Next came three smaller ones...! Gods Creations.