Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning to live...healthier!

I am so excited! I've been working on eating healthier and living healthier-walking and jogging on the treadmill and jogging on my rebounder. Some days were easy, other days were more difficult. Some days I was a bit discouraged...

This morning I exercised on the treadmill before I ate and weighed. Since July 8th I've lost 7 pounds! It was just the good news I needed! I discovered that I can now fit into four pairs of pants that I couldn't fit in at the beginning of the summer! I have about 40 or so more pounds to lose but like my friend Shea said to me...."You've got your head right", (or was it mind?)
Anyway I do! I really do!!!! Wow! It has been years since I've been working on getting my head right about this lifestyle change!
Thank goodness I'm not alone in this adventure! The Good Lord is cheering me on all the way!

PS... even ate at McDonald's last night and had to smell Mike's fries but I didn't eat a one.
Ate my Angus burger w/out the bun and drank my diet Dr. Pepper!

By the way, I'm doing the new Atkins Lifestyle change! Am studying the book and learning a lot!
Going to do it the right way as Rocketman says!

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Don & Carol Kingsmore said...

So today is the 21st..how's it going! Keep it up..I got slack and have to get back on track.