Monday, August 9, 2010


This morning, after my first cup of coffee, I decided to water the plants, feed Darcy and enjoy the early morning air. So pleasant out!
I found myself going over to the swing, cleaning it off and sitting down.
Haven't sat in the swing very much since we added the porch but I still enjoy that old swing.
It was my haven when we just had the deck and I sat there every day, many times during the day as the weather allowed...swinging, reading, talking to the Lord, visiting with friends and family. Always loved it when Mike could join me.
Now the old swing is under the oak tree in the side yard near the children's swingset. It's the perfect spot for it!
So I sat there this morning with Miss Darcy who was thrilled that we were together!
(Isn't it great to be loved, especially by a dog!)
Sat there, gently swinging and thanking the Good Lord for all His blessings!
Wonderful way to begin this day!

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