Friday, August 27, 2010

Readying for Movie day!

About once or twice a year we do a "movie day" with two other couples. We've been doing it for a few years and it's lots of fun. We watch some of our favorite movie clips, maybe a new movie, sometimes an old one we all like. We have lots of delicious food- shrimp cocktail, salads, fruit, popcorn, meatballs, cheeses and crackers, salsas, pita bread and hummus, etc.
We usually do it at our friends in Unionville but tomorrow it's here for the first time.
We are "readying"! I'm cleaning, pulling out movies, finishing the Fall adorning, and readying the den, soon-to-be "theater" room, making it comfortable for all.

We also just visit! Tomorrow we'll walk around talking and will migrate to the porch and visit, some with sweet tea in hand, others with seltzer water, diet drinks with Stevia, maybe even coffee and hot tea!

We take lots of "social" breaks! Of course the most important part is the people we're with-
dear friends who we always carry in our hearts!

Here's to movie day!

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