Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A "Happy Birthday" Adventure

Makenna is our oldest beautiful granddaughter and she is turning 10 on Thursday!
Today her mom, Makenna and I went on a pre-birthday adventure because it was our only day to do it. (school begins tomorrow)
We went everywhere or so it seemed! Target, the Mall, EarthFare, and Star Bucks! We dined on the outside patio at McAlisters, walked all over the Mall and had plans to run into Sam's but I was pooped! Anyway, she picked out clothes for her birthday gift from Papa and me. She came back to our house and modeled . This is one of her favorite shirts! I should have taken pictures as she modeled. She picked out some really cute outfits! Heard she had been wanting them for over a month. Ended up getting some clothes for the other 7 Grands too so now everyone should be very happy! Two more have birthdays and then nothing else until Christmas!

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