Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Tree Beard"

Have been flitting around, dusting, cooking, etc. and realized that I hadn't fed Darcy and on my way to feed her I saw that the Hummingbird feeder was empty so I grabbed that and as I was walking back to the house I saw the trash/recycle cans and headed to get them and remembered the mail and got that and as I was plodding up the driveway with trash can in tow I glanced over at Tree Beard and realized I had never introduced him on my blog so I put away the cans, ran up and got my camera and voila! Here he is!
Isn't he a darling old dear! He's got a great personality don't you think! As I was taking his picture I saw plants that needed watering so now I'm on my way to take care of them! I've dusted and can vacuum any time now so off I go,
back to flitting! I know I will "light" somewhere sooner or later.

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