Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Grand" Delight!

Got Emma and Kylie yesterday and took them to the Main Street Grill for lunch. After lunch we shopped at Target...shopped and shopped and shopped. Grabbed bags of popcorn on the way out and came home to watch a Rapunzel movie. After that we visited Mrs. Ruth and the girls played with Diesel the dog! He entertained them throwing his little brown bear back and forth. They giggled and giggled and I loved listening to their enjoyment!

Home again for another princess movie, supper, and three puzzles. After cleaning up we retired to bed to watch "Scott Calvin" and after the movie, sweet sleep!

This morning we had a Bible story on the porch, coffee, bagels and cream cheese and then we made 2 videos. Now Kylie is on the treadmill with my supervision of course and Emma is playing a game after jumping on the rebounder.

All this and it's only 8:30 am!

Who knows what we'll do next but I'll take them home after lunch and watch Duncan play his computer game that I promised yesterday to watch today.

It has been such fun!

Love making those memories!


Rsymphony said...

Aww…I know they’ve have so much fun! The boys have been asking for them this morning and Duncan can’t wait to show you his game ;) I know that they’ll be talking about how much fun they had with Granggie for weeks and I have to say…I’ve missed my girls :) Love ya’ll and can’t wait to hear all about their fun this afternoon!
(Don’t you just love how they taught themselves to “jitterbug” ;)

Cindy said...

What a lot of fun! You are obviously a superb Grangie :-) I'm glad to catch your blog every now and then. Hugs to you xxoooxx