Friday, August 3, 2012

Wonderful music...ahhhh

Wednesday Anna and the kids and I went on an adventure! We loaded up in my van and Anna pulled out a cd to put in...Ella Fitzgerald's Swingin Christmas! Wow! Airconditioner blowing in our faces, we drove all over with that beautiful, smooth, velvety voice of hers. I tried to "take" the cd, after all it WAS in my cd player...possession .9 of the law or something like that. Well that didn't work so I just had to order one for us. Usually pick up a new Christmas cd or several for the season, this season just happened to come a bit early! Hooray for Amazon shipping and it came early this morning! Got ready for the day with her and then that put me in the mood for Nat King Cole's Christmas. Ahhh...lovely, lovely day and never too early for Christmas music whenever you're in the mood!

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