Friday, December 28, 2012

Just thinking....

Trying to decide whether to begin blogging again or just do Facebook or do both or even quit Facebook and just blog. Decisions, decisions...

I like Facebook because I can keep up with friends and family but sometimes it's quite time consuming.  That's where the word "balance" comes in...if I can do that word! I know I've wasted valuable time but the real waster is the time I've put into Hallmark Christmas movies this I'm in a funk...spaced out...staring at that big black TV. Saps creativity and energy!

Blogging lets me put my thoughts down on "paper" so to speak or at least in type. Journaling does that too. I do believe I've come to a crossroads, a serious one, and need to make some important decisions concerning time and how I use it.

I seem to have "misplaced" the reason that I exist, the reason I am here. It isn't for myself but I've certainly been acting that way. I need to remember that I was bought with a price...a huge price...and I am not my own. If I truly live this way, things would be a bit different. Am I ready to get back on the right path? I need to just jump in there and do it! Time is short; probably a lot shorter than we can even imagine.  And I so want to hear my Father say, "well done, Debbie, well done!"

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