Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 1 of 2013

Well this is not the way I thought I would really spend the first day of the new year but it hasn't been bad! We watched most of the Rose Bowl parade; that never ceases to amaze me! Wow! There are some extremely talented people out there! Then we've been watching the Capital One Bowl, pulling for Georgia of course! Pulled for Clemson last night...VOCALLY pulled for them and hoping to catch a glimpse of some of our friends, the Langleys but who could see anyone for that tremendous sea of humanity! Matter of fact, I've watched more college football this past season than ever. Mike got into it and naturally I did too. I've always liked football, though!

But now I'm a bit restless. Doing laundry, checking Facebook, laundry, football, dishes, Facebook, taking the dog out in the rain, football,etc. I may just have to get on the treadmill for my sanity!

And this rainy, cloudy day which I really enjoy finds me looking for "brightness"! As I wander about the house, I seem to be viewing everything through "darkly-colored" glasses; everything looks dingy to me. I find myself wanting to paint everything WHITE...everything- walls, cabinets, doors, etc. And then my "word" keeps whispering..."simplify"...."simplify". And I begin to think about what to get rid of...suddenly there is W-A-Y too much clutter surrounding me and I'm beginning to feel like I'm drowning in STUFF! Yikes! Hey, if this really "takes" Mike will be in 7th heaven!

Beginning tomorrow I AM going to start getting rid of stuff! Less is more! Hey, this may take a while but I know I can do it. Going to box up stuff and take to Second Chances in Monroe. Going to shred papers! Going to throw away as much as I can and give away as much as I can. Tomorrow's a good place to start this journey to simplicity. Woo Hoo! Here I come!

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Cindy said...

Good for you! I'm right there with you. so much STUFF ... and it all needs dusting :( Good luck with your simplifying!