Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Taking the Day Off!"

I decided to "take the day off" sometime this morning. I was four days of newspapers behind and wanted to enjoy them with a cup of coffee and quiet. Really felt like I needed the day off after having Anna and her munchkins from 11:45 am until 7:50 pm yesterday! Well she and the girls did leave me and the boys for about three hours- and we had a great time! Everyone was good! BUT, I was wiped! Even Charlotte was worn out!

So I have spent the day reading- newspapers, magazines, fixing birdfeeders and now am going to write my cousin in Ohio a letter! Love writing her letters!
Oh yeah and some Hallmark movies I "DVRed" have been playing in the background. So after the letter, I'll get my exercise time in and straighten up a bit and then....hmmmm.... I think I'll READ some more!

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Little Birdie Blessings said...

Yeah, the little ones can wear you out when we're not used to having them every day. Oh how I love that time though. Glad you got to get caught up on things at home, sounds like a good plan. ~ Abby