Monday, June 3, 2013


Just the way I've been feeling today...a bit antsy. Have a couple of things on my mind, situations -and trying to not let my mind wander or speculate as to "why".

Ever tried to contact someone, or left them messages, or mailed them cards and they never responded at all. Find myself wracking my brain to see why...what could I have done to offend them, or did I offend them?

That's when I just have to give it to the Lord. Sometimes I have to give it over and over and over again. And working at keeping myself busy so I won't think about it! Guess that's where the "antsy" has come in!

And another way to handle it is to pray for that person so that's what I'm going to do...right now!


Little Birdie Blessings said...

When I've been in that situation, I pray that God would give me some affirmation that everything is okay. I often find it is fine, and I had built up in my mind, something that didn't exist. If that's not the case, then I agree, pray for that person. ~ Abby

Cindy said...

I just saw your post now, almost a week after you wrote it, and I hope your prayers calmed your spirit. We can't do much about another's feelings or lack of communication, but it's good to know we can go to the Lord for help dealing with our own fears, frustrations, and antsy-ness :) Hugs to you, dear!