Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Yesterday was our oldest granddaughter's birthday; she turned 13. We spent the entire day together shopping for  clothes and special boots! We went in search of Fall at Garden Ridge; pizzas at Sam's for her family birthday dinner and lunch at McAlister's. The afternoon found us home watching a movie and relaxing before the girls' hairstylist came to "do" her hair. And he did a beautiful job adding layers to her curly long hair! Family began arriving and the noise level increased as too many conversations were begging to be heard! I LOVE it! With seventeen of us, there are no quiet family dinners, but rather dinners that are full of life, words, laughter, magic tricks by our amazing magician, Christian "the Magnificent", running, jumping, sliding down the stairs---all signs of a deep, deep love and affection that we have for each other! There are really no words that I can use to tell God how I really feel, how grateful I am, how incredibly blessed our family is...but He of course knows my heart. There's nothing like the blessings of our family...our children, our children by marriage, our grandchildren, and yes our parents and siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc. Some days I feel as though I could burst with such happiness and love! Some days it's hard to contain it.
And some days I step back and look at all that Mike and I started 39 years ago. Wow! With the Lord's help we've done an amazing "job"! WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED, INDEED!

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