Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Gift

Have you ever received a gift from someone, someone that you dearly love and it just wasn't quite "you"? The gift, you know, was an act of love and also a sacrifice on the givers' part.
Well this is my gift. Three of my Treasures went in together to purchase it. Two of them along with one's daughter, went out to buy it for me for Christmas.
They were so excited about it on the day I brought them home for a small Christmas party and couldn't wait for me to open it.
I exclaimed it's uniqueness which it is. "Do you like it?" they asked. "I love it I said."
To be honest, I wasn't exactly telling the truth but I made over it and made over them.
We had a lovely party and after a few hours I took them home to their assisted living.
I came back and put the vase in the china cabinet and it would only fit on the shelf below which is totally closed in.
I went about the days, the celebrations of Christmas, practically forgetting the vase. The vase is modern; I'm old-fashioned.
Had taken the vase out when I put away some of the nativity and there it sat on my table. I thought to myself..."where will I ever put this?"
Then yesterday when I went back to visit them, they asked if I had put flowers in it yet. I said that I had not but that I was going to the store after leaving them and would buy flowers for it then.
Yes, I was going to the store but hadn't really planned on buying flowers until they asked about the vase. So, as you can now see, beautiful irises grace this unique vase and now this vase has a place of honor in our home but especially in my heart. I've actually put it in my bathroom that I've been working on for a while. Am making it into a feminine "get-a-way" even though it's very small. Have had my chandelier, my small chandelier for several years now and this winter I'm tackling the awful popcorn ceiling...removing it and am hoping to tile the floor and repaint.
I actually do like the vase that now sits in the corner of my vanity. It makes my bathroom "pop"! But now mostly it reminds me of three very dear friends who I dearly love and who truly love me.
And yes, I will make a point to always have fresh flowers in that special vase.

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