Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"God's Heart For You"

Today is the first day of our secular media fast. The theme for me this week is the title of Holley Gerth's devotional, God's Heart For You. I will be sharing throughout the week some of her thoughts that have blessed and encouraged me in my journey with the Lord and some of the ways He has spoken to me.

Excerpt from the book...

"Taste and see that the Lord is good to you. He provides for all your needs.
Daily bread.
The hear- and- now truth your soul craves.
The forever grace your heart needs.
He is the God of the everyday,
the practical, the ordinary.
And of the eternal, the intangible,
the beyond-your-imagination.
He is limitless in His love for you.
His provision in your life will be too."

Even though the rest of the title of this book is "Embracing Your True Worth As A Woman",
men could benefit from it also. I highly recommend this encouraging devotional!

Better yet, won't you join us in our Fast? Turn off the TV, put away the newspapers and magazines
and spend time sitting at His feet, reading His Word, listening to your favorite Bible teachers and maybe some new ones He might lead you to. Go on the web and find some teachings that will help you grow! We especially like Andrew Wommack, Joseph Prince and of course our Pastor Chuck.
Check out our website,
Find his sermons and enjoy!

We will also watch some of our favorite Christian movies...Ben Hur, The Nativity, One Night With the King, The Matthew DVDs, Esther and others that will encourage us and draw us closer to the Lord.

Let me know if you're joining us. If you don't want to do the week, just do it for a day or two. Think it will make a difference in your life! :)

Just don't forget to sit quietly at His feet some and simply bask in His sweet presence. Love on Him and let Him love on you. He LOVES that!

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