Friday, October 1, 2010

Christmas every day??????

Well, maybe not every day but Mike says I have about 15 Christmases a year and I really couldn't deny it!
I'm really pretty bad about it and sometimes my sisters and I find things way before Christmas,
buy them and then call our parents to tell them we bought our gifts from them!
They really don't seem to mind! My Mom likes to see the "fruit" of the monetary gift so this just makes it easier, don't you think?
When Mike got the "fireplace" heater, I said "Merry Christmas Debbie!" (That's when he proceeded to tell me about my 15 a year.)
Well, I needed a lamp and was looking for one. I found the coolest antique lamp, base, not the shade, from Maine. I knew that it would "finish" the porch. I also found another lamp, a Colonial tin one and knew it would finish off the living I bought them and then called my Dad and said, "Merry Christmas Debbie"! He laughed and I told him about the lamps. Now he will send me a check for them and they will be an early present from my folks!
Makes perfect sense to me!
(Have one more confession but will share it tomorrow!) Too much deviousness in one blog isn't smart! Plus I have to confess it to Mike first or my "goose" may be cooked! :)
Oh, and for the record...all this happened Tuesday BEFORE I said no more buying for the house!
Like I said in "The time has come" I am through with buying anything else to furnish any more of the house and porch and I do mean it!

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