Thursday, October 14, 2010

"the place I go...

when I lose my way... and I find myself again."

Last week I was watching an old movie and this line "grabbed" me.

"the place I go when I lose my way...."

I quickly found pen and paper and jotted it down. For days it would surface and I began writing a devotional based on it. Am still working on that but this morning in my quiet time with the Father it came up again. Only this time did I really "get it"!
I was led to two particular scriptures- Joshua 1:8 and Psalm 1:1-3. In both of those scriptures we are shown the importance of meditating on the Word of God.
(a lesson on meditating tomorrow)

And I realized that the place I go when I lose my way is... to His Word!
It has never failed me. It nevers fails to put me back on track. It takes me out of the darkness
of being "lost" and into the light of being "found".

When I first pondered this phrase I was thinking of a place where I could be alone with the Lord.
As a young mom sometimes that was the "powder room" or a special chair in the living room when my children napped or the table with various versions of the Bible scattered about as I searched the scriptures for deeper understanding.

But the answer in a "nutshell" is...simply, the Word. The Word is Life! The Word lights the way and when we meditate on it and live it, we will never lose our way. Oh, we may get off the path once in a while but we will never truly be lost. The way will be "opened" to us.

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