Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's working!!!!!

Oh my gosh! I bought my first SMALL in decades!
Okay, I do know that the style and brand have a lot to do with sizes as well but ... :)
I have been working on this healthy lifestyle for 3 months...and it's WORKING!
I'm wearing two to three sizes smaller than I was at the beginning of the summer!
The weight is coming off slowly but consistently and the inches too...yippee!
I am still working out on a regular basis and feel the BEST I have felt in years!
Of course I haven't done this alone-the Holy Spirit is my Coach/Personal Trainer/Encourager/
and Helper! He's the absolute best!
Don't know when I will reach my goal but I'm in this for the duration...this IS a lifestyle change and I'm loving it!

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