Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away...TWO WEEKS....amazing!
A friend told me last night that she had heard a Christmas song on the radio and thought it too early but then she realized Thanksgiving is practically upon us!

Our Indian Summer Thanksgiving is a week from this Saturday and that's the one with which I'm "swamped"!
There is still much...MUCH... to do but it will get done!
How do you entertain 16 kids, ages 11 and under? That's what I'm working on and have been working on and I'm still working on! Trying to get a "Bouncer" but can't get the people to call or e-mail me back. Have something else up my sleeve but I better get moving a bit faster on it.
All these ideas are whirling around and around and I think of them when I go to sleep, when I wake up and all throughout the day. Need to "nail" it down!
I want it to be so special for them.

Like I said, it will come together and it will be fun! It will be so nice having most of my family, 36 of us, enjoying the beautiful Autumn day and just being thankful to be together!

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