Friday, February 3, 2012

Early February Morn

I'm sitting at my desk enjoying the rising dawn outside my window. The pinkish light on the horizon, interspersed with gray/blue declares the coming forth of a  new day and compels me to a state of anticipation. I am a morning person. I usually awake with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.
(Just thought of a movie line from National Treasure..."people don't talk that way anymore...but they should")
Old-fashioned...yes I am and I don't want to be any other way.
The morning is calling. Mike may want breakfast. I hear him trying to be quiet so as not to awaken our sweet Charlotte. I've had some Bible time and a time of "putting things back in place".
I've errands to run and Book Club to prepare for but things are nicely falling into place.
It's going to be a lovely day. How do I know this? Everyday is a lovely day to me...even when things don't quite go the way I planned. Why? Because I know the Ancient of Days and He knows me.
He works all things to my good. He knows me best and I trust Him. He alone is my happiness and the Keeper of my "lovely" days.

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