Saturday, March 10, 2012


Isn't it exciting to watch new life unfold right before your eyes! I am so enjoying watching the "rebirth" of Spring.  The birds, insects, tree frogs, etc. seem to be tuning up to welcome her arrival.
Every tiny bud carries the promise of new life...a miracle within itself. Wow! New life!

Yesterday I kept Maylena for a few hours and studied each of her tiny features as I rocked her in my arms. Each tiny fingernail, each delicate eyelash...this remarkable combination of our daughter-in-law and our son... I was in awe; quietly savoring each moment of this precious new life. Did I become weepy...a bit! There's something about holding "miracles" in your hands, watching them with your eyes. Love, thanksgiving, happiness, joy...sheer delight overflows from a heart of gratitude.

What an amazing, wonderful Father God we serve! How amazing that we are the recipients of his generous blessings!

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