Monday, January 11, 2010

German Chocolate Ice Cream

Oh my gosh!

Baskin Robbins German Chocolate ice cream is the best in the world!!!
(No, I don't have any stock with them.)

The only thing wrong about it is that's it's seasonal... :(
Usually it's available around November but this year there was none to be found...

Until.... Mike e-mailed the company and the owner of three stores near us responded.

He had the ice cream ordered and it's now available at one of his stores and we are going tonight!

One year Mike bought me the huge tub that they have in the store. It lasted me a year!
Yes, there was a bit of freezer burn after quite a while but all I had to do was scrape it off and
voila! delicious ice cream!

Wouldn't you know it would come out right when I am changing my eating habits but I will work it out!

YUMMY!!!! Carmel Commons here we come!

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