Monday, January 25, 2010

What a book!

I'm reading The Scent of Water for about the 5th or 6th time.
It's our Book Club "read" for February.

The British author is Elizabeth Goudge who began writing books in the 1930s.
One of our "Illustrious" ladies said that she wrote with a paintbrush. What a lovely thought
and so very true!

There are too many passages to choose from but one of my favorites...

"The old-fashioned room was filled with the quietness of the deep country and the light of a
marvelous sunset. Mrs. Baker, who had loved the dead woman, was touched to awe by the tide of gold. It was like water, she thought, flooding into the room..."

"touched to awe"....selah.....

Have you ever experienced that?

Just may have to share more as I continue reading.


Daniel, Anna, Emma, Kylie, Duncan, and Kellan said...
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Daniel, Anna, Emma, Kylie, Duncan, and Kellan said...

The Scent of Water…it’s one of those rare lovely books that are too beautiful to read quickly. You have to savor every word and as you reread every paragraph, something happens; something beautiful and deep inside you…a thing far too precious to name; where grace, beauty, pain, and truth join and you remember that true beauty isn’t something that can be attained but something that was created in you. Elizabeth Goudge is an author who can take the written word and create something beautiful and timeless.