Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh my gosh!!!

Just how many pocketbooks does a woman need?????

I finally got upstairs to work in our bedroom this afternoon. I took down Christmas tree #3,
emptied the rocking chair of clothes, folded and not, books, and two pocketbooks.
(I actually took all that stuff and threw it onto the bed!)

The rocking chair is really too big for our bedroom and honestly it had become a "catch-all"...
especially for THOSE pocketbooks. So out it was going!

Okay, so now there's a small mountain in the vastness of our king bed and what???Oh no...
more pocketbooks!!!!
Ridiculous...yes! You know those Hobo bags? Well I'm done with those guys! Who can ever find anything in them anyway! Everything I ever need is always at the very bottom and "runs' from side to side, trying to avoid me!

Also I have a really bad habit....whenever I change handbags I tend to throw the papers, receipts, junk into the other bag...or the other bag, or the other one, etc.
So I decided to clean out all my bags at once!
I WILL not tell you how long that took! It would be extremely embarrassing!
BUT...I did it!

AND I have decided to get rid of everyone of them that doesn't have organizational compartments! I think that will leave me with 1 black one....hummmm...
what happens when I wear brown?????? Or wear my favorite brown clogs?????
Maybe on those days I'll travel light....wallet, checkbook and lipstick...the essentials you know!
I do have a small brown bag that will hold those!

And so ends day #1 of organizing and simplifying....whew, I think it's going to be a very long winter!

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