Thursday, September 16, 2010

"A First!"

Tonight April and I are going to a "book-signing"! Have never been to a book signing before so I'm not quite sure what to expect.
We have our books and Lee is getting our tickets this morning and we will go and get in line with who-knows-how-many people and patiently await our turn. I think it will be fun just to "people-watch". Hopefully we will run into some friends we haven't seen in a long time. There is one friend we will be looking for!
The author, I must admit, is not one of my favorites but April has most or all of his books.
I'm really doing this for her and just to enjoy her being able to do this and have her picture made with him. That's what moms do!

When our son was "into" cars, I learned a lot from him and got pretty good at spotting cars and calling them by name. Mike couldn't believe I knew them. Was it one of my favorite things to know? No, but it was important to our son at the time and so it became important to me!

I find myself "learning" to enjoy various delights of our Sonic, Christian's Ball Python, even Thomas the Train with the younger Grands. I try to listen intently when they share and that's a real challenge if there's more than one Grand sharing. They tend to all speak at once and we have to take turns.
What interests them, interests me!

So like our Father God! He cares about every teeny tiny thing that concerns us and is always there to listen and encourage us. It may not be His favorite "thing" but each one of His children are His favorites and so there He ALWAYS is...always for us, always on our side with our best interest at His heart!

That's how I want to be for my family... for my friends...just like "my Father"!

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