Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Much ado!

Had a great Labor Day weekend!
Went to Matthews Alive with Mike and Ruth along with about a million other people!
(ok, maybe not a million but it seemed like it!)
Dog- sat Lacey again until yesterday evening.
Visited with Mike's parents at rehab. Great message at church and had a surprise lunch with some friends we hadn't seen in years who just happened to be at Kami's.
Lastly, a delicious cookout with our friends the Wilsons!
Now back to setting the house in order, paying bills, etc. and the hustle bustle of a full week!

I was "off" the computer for two days...amazing! And came back to 72 e-mails...yikes!
I do believe this was a first as I am usually on the computer many times throughout the day.
The weird thing is that I didn't even miss it! Hmmm....

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