Thursday, September 16, 2010

We Did It!

Here we are at the book signing with Nicholas Sparks. And here are our new friends!
We had the most fun time...laughing, chatting, mingling!
Everyone was so friendly and it was such a special time to share with April!
We are all meeting again at the same time next year and we're taking Anna then!
We actually found out that he was coming early and so we got there early and we were in the 2nd group.
He is a real, down-to-earth guy. You'd never know he was famous!
April and I decided we're just going to start going to book signings-they're so much fun!

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April said...

It was so much fun!!! Probably the best time I've had in a while! Thank you so much for going along with me and helping me to fulfill a dream 5 years in the making! I can't wait for next year!:)