Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bringing Home Bingley!

Woohoo! Sunday afternoon we're bringing Mr. Bingley home! I am quite beside myself and feel I've waited such a l-o-n-g time for him! As you can see we're ready...thanks to my sister, Denise who gave us the crate and crate bed. And yesterday I wandered all over the Dog section at Petsmart and came home with the rest. Oh, yeah- Monday night after Makenna's ballet class, April, Makenna and I went to Target and I found two doggie outfits...a Christmas sweater and a blue hoodie that has a snowflake and says "Let it snow"! Cute! (Mr. B will model them for you at a later date.)
Yes...I'm going to spoil him but plan on being firm and fair in "bringing up baby"!
I'll post pictures of his homecoming Sunday night so get ready to see the cutest puppy ever!
(okay, I'm prejudice but hey, I think all baby animals are adorable!)

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Cindy said...

ooooh. you're gonna have fun!!! can't wait to see the pics :-)