Monday, November 7, 2011

"Morning" glory

This morning as I pulled back our bedroom curtains at 7 am, this is the view that greeted me. Morning glory!
Wow! I am SO in my element! I feel that I am surrounded by God's majesty at every turn...looking out every window, driving down every road. His holiness pervades me, encircles me and I just bask in it.
There are no words to really describe these moments and I so delight in them. I feel as though I pass from one "magical" day into another.
It's wonderful to have these days especially when the "busyness" of life tugs a bit harder. It reminds us to "stop and smell the roses" enjoy the journey.
Our calendar for November and December are practically full, every weekend has its festivities already lined up with activities we enjoy...sharing meals with dear friends, celebrating with our families, The Nutcracker Ballet, Clara's Tea which this year is a dinner at a farm and is next Saturday for April, Makenna and I; preparing Thanksgiving baskets at our church for those who need a bit of help this year, getting ready for our Indian Summer Thanksgiving we host for 40+ in our backyard with my side of the family complete with bouncer for the children, delicious food and a marshmallow roast on the 19th, then Thanksgiving lunch here with Mike's side of the family and our girls and their families; and that evening I will begin to decorate for Christmas, transforming our home into a winter wonderland! I enjoy it all! Is it hard work? Of course but it's so worth it to me. The results..."magical",
quite "magical", ushering in the beauty of a merry Christmas...reflections on the birth of our precious Savior and how His one solitary life has impacted a world...our world.
Now that I think on it, His life makes each and every season special...reflections of His holiness in and day out. You just have to slow down... open your eyes and your heart.

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