Friday, November 25, 2011


the day after Thanksgiving and all through our house
were too many Christmas containers scattered about!

We worked on the outside hanging garland and lights,
making bows, donning doors with wreaths-quite a sight!

We worked in the sunlight. We worked in the dark.
Are we done? Did we finish? No we aren't!

Garland was missing, and colored lights too
so we are heading out tomorrow and planning to choose...

a fresh tree for our den, a Fraiser fir perhaps
and get all the stuff ...then  probably a nap.

Hopefully by next week all the trees will be up and each room
decorated- Christmas spruced-up!

Then onto some parties that we will be hosting come Friday
and Saturday... good apple cider toasting.

Then comes Nutcracker week and the fun never ends.
It's more Christmas ventures and I can't pretend

that we won't be tired, desiring some rest
but enjoying Christmas is something we do best! :)

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