Thursday, November 3, 2011

Confessions of a.....

Hallmark Movie Channel junkie! Yikes! Okay I know many of these movies are "fluffy" and "gooey" but sometimes I'm in the mood for that! Ever since I had heard there was a special channel I wanted it.
But with the satellite service we had it was more expensive and we were already paying too much.
We had suspended our service for some months and then several weeks ago a Time Warner Rep knocked on our door. I liked her immediately and she made us an offer we couldn't refuse!
We're getting HD TV at no extra charge and yes...the Hallmark Movie channel at no extra charge!
(all of which was extra with our old service) And a DVR! Woohoo!
Now the true confession time...OMG...I find myself being drawn to the TV too much. After I realized that I could sit and watch 2 movies in a row and that the fairies weren't cleaning the house I am rescheduling myself. I may even have it playing and wander in and out of the room while I'm doing what needs to be done in the house but I am getting back on track!
Another point to make is that I can only do this during the week since Mike cannot stand Hallmark movies! It's working! I get my "fix" and the weekends are his!
Except I just remembered that this weekend is the Winter Wonderland preview...CHRISTMAS movies and I love Christmas movies. Oh well, they will come on again...during the week I'm sure!
Actually beginning Monday, November 14th from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday. Maybe I should finally figure out to to record on our DVD player!

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