Tuesday, December 20, 2011

C... I... C...

A few days ago I did a blog on Christmas and  chaos. As I wrote that, I was thinking that's how the first Christmas was...the world was in chaos...confusion, bondage, darkness and up until that moment there was no remedy...no cure, no help and THEN...the Remedy, the Cure, the Answer, the Saviour appeared on the scene right smack in the middle of all the unrest, the anxiousness! The God Who made us came down to save us, to deliver us. Jesus..."God with skin" as I've heard others proclaim...The Word made flesh! Oh how I love to say that! What a Gift! There's no Gift to ever "top" that One.
And when you know Him; when you let Him live in and through you, even in a world of unrest, uncertainty; you can live in peace, in provision, in certainty that the One Who made you will take care of you, has given you everything that pertains to life and godliness, and will never leave you; will always love you unconditionally and that all His promises...ALL His promises to those who believe in Him are "Yes and Amen"!
This is Christmas... , Christmas at its merriest!

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