Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winding down 2011

With most of the festivities done, though the Christmas season is still with us at least until January 6th,(and much, much longer for some of us!) I find myself contemplating "changes"...changes in me, in the home, in our lifestyle, etc.
Our Christmas has been wonderful but could I have made some of it better? The main thought goes to Christmas Day's dinner...again, way too much food! Think I already have the solution for next year- Chicken Mull, an old family recipe, from Mike's side! And then Mike and I will serve everyone! That will eliminate a very crowded kitchen. Each family function I find myself wanting to push out the walls!
We seem to be on top of each other with 8 children winding in and out! And this year for some strange reason, some of our breakers tripped leaving us without power and in the dark...22 of us! Mike took care of that quickly and our electrician son began turning off lights that weren't needed. That worked!
Hmmm, the more I think about it the more I do believe...Chicken Mull it is! There, that's already settled!
And no more fresh trees inside! Our pitiful Christmas tree, even though it still stands, is quite droopy... has been from the beginning with ornaments clumped together, lights drooping, leaving bare spots.
It will come down today sometime. The other things will stay up for awhile as we are still turning on our outside lights. And the snowmen stuff will remain awhile longer. Hopefully they will "call" in some SNOW!
Then beginning in January, I will take a room at at time and work in it-   de-cluttering, cleaning, organizing and painting if it needs it. That will keep me busy for quite some time! (especially with Charlotte "helping"!)
And I plan to give the treadmill and rebounder consistent workouts! Unfortunately during some of November and most of December they held packages! YIKES! Can't do that anymore!
Enough of blogging! I've got bills to get out! Have a great day!

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