Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Village

This village is a favorite of mine. It came from Lowe's  about 21 years ago. It wasn't expensive and has a few more buildings that I didn't put out this year. It always makes me draw from my imagination as I see myself living there...walking around the village, visiting friends, shops, the church and ice skating on the pond, etc.

Well, last night we came across a "village"...a real "village" off of Ardrey Kell. It was a village of "Charlestonian"-like homes and almost every house was decorated with beautiful lights, wreaths, etc.
Felt like we had wandered into Christmas a Christmas Village. I was in awe! Everywhere we looked, every road we drove down was exciting! We didn't even know this neighborhood existed so near to us! It felt as though we were transported back in time. And while there was no snow, (not even chilly weather like I so enjoy) it truly "felt" like Christmas! Such a brightness, cheerfulness atmosphere...then home to have a cup of tea with friends. Lovely way to end the day!

(I'll try to get the exact directions for anyone near enough to visit. Will post them later.)

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