Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chaos in "Christmas"

Lately I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Seems like we're home long enough to mess up but not clean up! When we do get home, I'm just too tired to do anything. And having a "toddler" who is most active, loves to chew on anything and everything, we're are constantly up and down and I do really feel like I have a "toddler". Whew!
So...I can only take so much and stand a messy house for so long. I have come to several conclusions.
First of all, we have too much stuff! Second of all, I am not the most organized person and THAT really needs to change. After two days of beating myself up over all of this, I am now back on track, working on my attitude and taking tasks one item at a time. Today I conquered the pantry! Mike had a great idea to take everything that wasn't food to another storage place...the crockpot, the 60 cup percolater, huge pots, know the things you don't use on a regular basis.
I did it in between taking care of Charlotte. That's been the main thing I accomplished today but I'm not getting upset about it. I will just keep plugging away!
With more festivities lined up through the next several weeks I will just do what I can.
Then when the decorations come down, I will give some to the Grands and the kids and begin to scale down. Less is more!

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