Saturday, April 17, 2010

A "Calling"

We all have a "calling"...something we are meant to do with our lives. The "calling" is not for ourselves but something we give, do for others.

It can be teaching, can be in the business world, raising your children to be caring and selfless, being a loving, godly husband or wife, son or daughter, finding ways to help others grow to reach their potentials, their goals, achieve their much more.

"Callings" always come from our hearts. What is it we love to do...? We take those God-given talents...those things we love and use them to bless others. It can be poetry, painting, working with our hands, music, gardening, fishing...other sports, reading, etc. We are to take each gift, each love and share it with others...serve others.
It is never for ourselves although we will be greatly blessed each time we give.

One of my sisters is "called" to keep her grandchildren while their parents work. I have friends who are called to the education field, others in business, full-time ministries. Actually as believers we are all called to a "full-time' ministy...that ministry is our calling.

It's making this world a better place to live; giving people hope, encouragement, unconditonal person at a time.

In college I "felt" the call to teach and I did in a public school system in an extreme low income area for 7 years. I knew God had called me there and while I was there I gave to"my" kids and loved them. And yes, I was extremely blessed!

Then I was "called" to stay home and raise our own children. Finances were tight but I never regretted it and I know our children loved me being home. Next came homeschooling...a definite challenge but so worth the price, but I knew that I was "called"!

Now I am called to be "Granggie" to our 8 "Grands and called to the the elderly...those who many times are forgotten and discarded by society yet they are dear and precious to God. I have been in this "calling" for many years now.

This morning as I was on the porch, talking to God, reading some in the Word and then I "heard" His voice speaking to my heart. It was gentle yet there was an urgency to His message. I will not share all that He said to me but one thing He said quite clearly was "pay the price..."
He was telling me to do whatever it takes to fulfill the "calling". I must say His message has greatly affected me this morning...and I hope it will every day for the rest of my life.

Make a difference in someone's life. Find your calling and do it with gusto! Pay the price!
You and I were born to bless others.

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