Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Childhood memories

Got home this afternoon from my parents' house. Went in to help out with my dad and did some housework too.

Haven't spent the night over there in quite a while and it was a bit strange. My parents have lived in the house for 46 years. The guest bedroom is the bedroom I shared with my sister, Denise. At various times over the years we "roped" off that room, daring the other to step on our side!
Wow! It seemed larger then!

Then there's the inside of the bathroom drawer where we wrote our names, only to go back and add our married names too!

Funny how we now look at it through "different" eyes.

As I stood washing up dishes, I thought about all the dishes I had washed and dried all those years...all the water fights while we did the dishes..."inspect it inspector"-words we would say to the other when the dishes weren't quite clean...a friend helping with dishes one night, saying she would wash the front AND the backs of the plates at our house but she never washed the backs at hers' many memories at that sink!

And the hallway...boy did it seem much longer ! Remember "meeting" my Dad very late one night after staying up late with my sisters, laughing in Donna's bedroom, being threatened with a smashed dead Grandaddy Longlegs by Denise, only to have her fall on the bed which then crashed very loudly to the floor, hearing our Dad's feet hit the floor in our parents' bedroom... I quickly exited meeting him in the hall telling him that "it wasn't me"! (We were up by 6 am vaccuming and cleaning that following morning...his idea, NOT ours!)

To my parents and my sisters....."thanks for the memories"!

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