Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Deep down inside I REALLY want a healthier lifestyle....healthy eating habits, healthy weight,
an exercise program I can live with...

But I am struggling....

I seem to have these "lapses"...where I lapse into a bag of chips, or brownies and then lapses of finding myself always hungry...searching the fridge, pantry, or just eating the wrong foods.

One thing I am not doing...I am not beating myself up over it but I just "keep on"! The only way I can fail is to quit!

My daughters and a dear friend have been so encouraging lately and it has been just the thing I needed. I've watched my friend work hard at getting healthier and she has done so well.
I really am proud of her! She is so inspiring!

I'm actually learning about myself and which foods work for me and which do not.
Yes it it most definitely a lifestyle change and I'm taking it one day at a time.
And I do have the HELPER and He's the best!

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