Friday, April 23, 2010

"Hospital Time"

My Mom and my sisters and I are doing hospital time.
My Dad had knee replacement surgery yesterday. Long day yesterday and we all survived quite well! Dad's surgery went very well!

God surrounded us with the nicest people all day long.

My sister Denise spent last night and I will spend the next two nights but Denise will come back to stay Saturday night with me. Our sister Donna will be back on Sunday.

One thing I can say about my family...there is so much love and so much fun!
We had no sooner arrived yesterday morning, that we already had a "reputation" with the staff!
(Hopefully that was good....:)
Everyone was so nice and so friendly...made the day so much better!

Me...I am not one much for hospitals and don't know too many who are but it was a special day being with my sisters, Mom and Dad. My Dad is quite the character!

When I left last night he was experiencing some pain and that's hard to handle.
Spoke with my sister this morning only to find that he didn't sleep at all.
So, I'm praying that he will be able to sleep very well tonight.

He begins his therapy this morning...the good old"bending machine" begins at 9:30.
They will get him up so hopefully all this will work towards a good night's sleep!

Am cooking for Mike so he will have something good to eat when he's home and then off I go...
back to the hospital armed with my Bible, journal, some good books, food, water and my Game Boy Advance with Tetris and PacMan!

That should keep me busy!

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